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Warm minimal interior decoration tips
The trending Minimal style for interior design is inspired by simplicity. Using mostly functional objects that also double as decorations. Clean line in uncluttered space, and using monochrome color tone to retrieve "Less is more" concept. However, too much of minimal may lead to cold and unwelcome space. Here's some idea to show you how to add some details to warm up the space.

1. Adding simple wall decoration or a nice photo on the wall to create interesting unique story into your space.
2. Placing just enough green is another good idea to add accented color to overall space as well as bring a fresh look to minimal style living space.
3. Functional and practical furniture using in the uncluttered clean space is foundation for minimal style. However, adding some curves and colors to the accented furniture or using several fabric textures to bring the overall simplicity look to another level.
4. Lastly, lighting plays a big deal in minimal interior design. Add soft ambiance lighting mix with spot lighting will also create depth and dimension to the room.

Please see more detail about the design tips in our video

Warm minimal design tips
Bedroom Makeover and Design Tips
We would like share with you some working tips on how we transform our empty room to beautiful bedroom:

1. We recommend you to review the room layout, take notes of the room's dimension. And do some measurement for any particular area, such as the wall that will be built-in closet. Because in many cases room layout didn't mention the size of floor skirting, cornice or the depth of curtain.
2. Once you have the detailed size of your space, do some searches and collect reference photos of furniture, room interior or mood& tone that you like. Pinterest is by far the best source for us.
3. Choosing furniture, focus on the main items for the room, such as bed and headboard, closet, dressing table as well as bedside table. I like to keep thing simple in the bedroom.
4. The key element and easy way to give your room its character is to paint or put wallpaper on the accented wall, doing so can change the overall look and the feeling of the room.
5. Most important item for bedroom is bedding. Including bed linen, pillows, and blanket or comforter. Choose high threads count for softer feeling when you sleep. We can have variety of color scheme here. Monochrome or some pattern would be fine.

For more detail on Bedroom Makeover and Tips, please see in our video

We took a week to transform a empty white room to be our beautiful guest bedroom
Mat black marble dining table

Black interior color always give a bold and masculine look. With coming trend of minimal style, this year we are pleased to introduce our new all black furniture collection

The oval shape dining table, crafted from solid mat black marble, together with leather black dining chair with gross black finish. It give minimal and sleek look, yet still warm and luxury with the beauty of natural material we crafted from

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Dark blue sofa and seatings together with coffee and side table in gold leaf finish

Today, we're introducing new color theme by mixing darker color with gold. Over the past year, we used a lot of black and gold color scheme, But for our new collection, we tone it down a bit by introducing dark blue color in stead of black.

The dark blue color sofa and seating still give cool masculine impact, together with gold leaf coffee and side table, it will give the whole living space new luxury handsome look.

Most fabric we used is different tone of blue velvet, leather and lint fabric. Mixed with hairline brass and gold stainless finishing.

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